BehaviourKit is live!

Learn about behaviour design. Apply behavioural science to digital products and services to positively influence people's behaviour.

Articles include:

What is Behaviour Design?
Learn its benefits and basic approach.

Roles of a behaviour designer
Define the main roles and responsibilities of a behaviour designer.

Uses of Behaviour Design
Explore how behavioural science is applied to digital products, services and policy.

Ways of thinking
Discover the theory you will need to design for behaviour change.

Ways of working
Get a step-by-step preview of the behaviour design process. Covering new methods and tools.

Behaviour Design ft Service and Product Design
See how behaviour design complements other design sectors. Where they overlap and how they can help each other.

Ethics of behaviour design
Read the ethical rules of using behavioural science to design.

Kettle on. Sit back. And take your first steps into behaviour design.


I hope you find this first steps guide helpful. I've been writing it over a long time. Post by post. And I'm very excited to finally announce it live.

Send me an email with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions for content or improvements.

- Lauren